Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time for Change

That statement always reminds me of the Brady Bunch episode when Peter's voice begins to change.

For today that change is reminding me of our Oklahoma weather. I spent the last two days outside enjoying the weather even getting a light spring sunburn. Fast forward 24 hours to snow, snow, snow and more snow. I honestly have had enough of winter this year.

Changes are definitely happening in the mommyfried house. The preteen years are smacking us in the face. I know that the school will soon be sending home a note to give permission for my oldest to go to "your body is changing" class. I will reluctantly allow my kids to attend but I feel it is my duty to introduce them to this stuff myself. So today since we were snowed in became the perfect opportunity to introduce shaving. Now I know boys and girls shave differently but I thought to my self what better way to get out some of the winter dull drums than to put both kids in the tub with a soapy substance and sharp objects. At first the concentration was intense then well you know it was bound to happen. I will let the following pictures tell the tale themselves.