Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Road Trip 2010 - Day 12

We left Pensacola early in the morning. We were hoping to make it to our next stop by lunch. Can you tell where we had lunch? We made it to New Orleans! The last time we were here was before Hurricane Katrina did her damage. While we were looking for a place to park we drove around and around and around the historic French Quarter. While it is the same it is still very different. Maybe it is just my romantic notions of the French Quarter or the new sheet rock in the stores. Maybe it is that I liked the way the walls had that worn tea stain looks to them, I am just not sure. I think Katrina has taken something more away and I just can't put my finger on it. The French Quarter is still very much alive with its atmosphere.

That poor donkey. I think every time we stopped he was thinking our little red car was a juicy apple to try and take a bite out of. Several times he was all the way up by the back passenger window before he would stop. I think we may still have tongue prints on the window.

We had every intent on eating in the French Quarter but our appetite and the parking situation dictated otherwise. Finally after we had all had enough of the narrow streets and traffic we decided just to find a place to eat, any place. So since my dream of having the kids try real creole jambalaya were vanishing quickly we settled on a Popeye's. Hey, at least they had red beans and rice. I know not nearly quite the same but it just had to do because I think we may have turned into cannibals if we would have had to wait much longer.

Over lunch we all discussed our future vacation plans and wishes. I think we were all getting a little road weary. So the decision was made to make a push to just get home. So from that point on the only stops we made were basically gas and potty stops.

This was the view we saw just before we reached Shreveport. Isn't that gorgeous! So in one days time we crossed from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and home to Oklahoma. We pulled into home about 2am. What a long drive that was. It made some of us act a little sillier than normal but we made it.

We dragged in the necessities and called it a night. What a great trip. I hope my children have and keep as many cherished memories as I will.