Sunday, June 28, 2009

Something new?

Today we went with my FIL to a Chinese buffet type restaurant. My dear dear darling little girl was feeling a brave. She decided that she would try these two not so normal everyday dishes for our little corner of the world. In her right hand she is holding a crawdad and in her left an octopus. Just getting her to hold these was quite the entertainment value. She had poked at the crawdad a bit and had gotten past its wierdness but the octopus. She couldn't get past the fact that the head was still attached. She dropped it almost as fast as I placed it in her hand.

I think she began to think the crawdad just might be a friend. I showed her how to get the tail out after she had been poking at it for awhile. I was suprised she actually ate it. First it was a little nibble then she went for it. She didn't think it was bad but for some reason she didn't want another one. Hmmmmm

Next was the octopus. She wasn't about to eat the head. I ended up breaking off one of the legs for her to try. The expressions that went across her face were priceless. I wish I had videoed that. Then she suprised me again and ate a second leg. After that she was done and wanted dessert. I'm really impressed with her. While I have had crawdads a long long time ago I don't think I could eat octopus in that form. Maybe battered and fried and disguised but definately not that way.

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  1. Too funny! My 2 year old ate oysters at the beach.

    So you think the Halloween thing's worth it?