Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Luck of 3

Yesterday afternoon = not so good.

The day started out as a typical summer day. Kids woke up on their own time. Played video games. Did a little reading. I have a Monday routine of taking the kids to the library to get a fresh book selection for them to read over the next week. When we were leaving the library my van hesitated to start. I'm thinking no it will make it, there won't be a problem. We proceeded on to my aunt's house for my kids to have their first ever piano lesson. (Thanks again Cindy.) Lesson was over and kids loaded into van. ERRrr ERrr Errr. This isn't good. Luckily my uncle was able to jump start the van and I made it home. By now I am think it was about 2:30 (notice the time). I left the van running and figured I would move the RV so that DH would have access to the garage or tools while he checked it out. Next problem I wasn't able to start the RV. I am a little ashamed of this but I was little relieved because I wasn' t looking forward to backing that behemoth out of the drive using just the mirrors. So maybe just maybe it saved me from wrecking our future travel plans. Yep, that's it. That is why the RV didn't start. So instead I squeezed the van next to the RV so that DH could now check out both vehicles. UGH! Then about 3:15 I received a text. DH is getting furloughed. After consistently working over time he is now going to be limited to 32 hours a week! YIKES! Thank God I recently worked to reduce our monthly bills. Maybe that will get us through this. We were just beginning to catch our breath and looking forward to have a little to spend on other necessities like clothes and hair cuts (those just got bumped down again). So if you were keeping track that was three blows in less than an hour!

BTW the truck that you can barely see behind the RV it has needed a new radiator for the last year. That is another project back on hold. Does it ever end?

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