Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Success

This July 4th seemed to go over pretty good this year. Our first activity was our local parade where we ran into a sweet friend/teacher. We enjoyed the parade together where we saw several of our friends including this guy. Whom shall remain nameless in order to protect his wife's children.
Dh and son decided to stay home this year and while that was disappointing we my daughter and I still had a great time.

When we came home it was time to enjoy all the food I had been preparing the last couple of days. Don't you just love my little patriotic jello with the flag made of stars. This one I was a little worried that it would not turn out right since I placed the stars on before I poured the the jello in the pan. It was also fun because I had not seen that type of marshmallow's in the store before so I just HAD to do something with them.

Then for the perfect dessert! Oh yea, you guessed it baby. Home made ice cream!

You can all ways determine the feast was a success when this occurs. I promise I did not use any triptopan or medical aid to induce this behavior.

In the evening we headed over to a friends house for swimming and fireworks. This turned out to be the best decision since the local display ended up being canceled due to a storm. We just waited out the thunder and lightening then went for it.

Those are fire works on the other side of the pool this picture just did not turn out as well on this post as I had hoped.

I'm not sure where my daughter gets this from but she insists on picking up and touch any and everything. Tonight's example was one of the toads that were every where. This pic was taken while she was attempting to kiss it! She reminds me of the that little girl from the cartoons. "I want to hug it, and squeeze it, and love it, and play with it, and, and, and..." In the mean time I am looking for the sanitizer, bleach, soap and what ever else I can find to clean her.

The final proof that the day was a success is what I found in my sink by about 10:30 in the morning today. All those empty little dishes mean they were going back for leftovers already this morning. (They did like it, they really did!)

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  1. How did I not know you were blogging??? You've been hiding! I love it! All of them. But of course this is my favorite because of the picture of Shawn and Reagan. Glad to hear you had a good fourth:c)