Thursday, July 30, 2009

To my Surprise!

After a long day of doing family stuff together we were all famished. We headed to one of the local chain pizza buffets for an easy quick dinner. Then the inevitable happened, again. "Do you have a quarter? Please! Just one, Paaaleeeaasssseeeee?" So I finally caved. Normally this is where I would inject that they should be using their own money. But we had been out for so long I figured fine. At least this will stop the whining and you know there would have been a lot more. So my darling daughter went strait to the candy crane machine. You know the one where you are guaranteed you will win. When there is candy available you can bet your sunshine my daughter will be one of the first in line. My son on the other hand. He is becoming quite the oportunist. He decided that he was going to go for one of those toy crane games that nobody ever wins. When he first went to the machine it wasn't posted how much it was. So he decided he was going to give it a shot anyway. Surprise, surprise, surprise! It wasn't a quarter and then to add salt to the wound. It wouldn't give him his quarter back. Normally I would have just said well lesson learned and been done with it. He kept saying "I know I can get one." Once again I caved and decided to let him learn his lesson giving him the second quarter he needed. Saying, "No one wins those things." Then much to my and my husbands amazement the claw actually grabbed the toy. Then it actually pulled it up. Then wonder of all wonders it actually fell into the retrieval box. Holly macanoli! He actually did it. I think you could have picked mine and my husbands jaws off the floor. That little turkey came back to the table with a smile as big as the ocean. "I told you I could do it!" Then he followed it by saying "Aren't you going to put it on the Internet where you tell stories about us?" Of course I am.


  1. I just laughed and laughed when I read this post. I always told my son the same thing: no one wins at these. And then one day he got some money from me, went right to the crane machine and came back with a pretty good sized stuffed animal. NOW of course there was no convincing him that he couldn't win. It didn't stop until he was much older and was having him spend his own money! :)

    Come to think of it though....that boy just turned 23. He graduated from college last December and an engineering job just fell out of the sky for him. It was unbelievable. The kid must have the touch. :)

  2. i hardly ever post pics of my kids, but everytime i take one, my oldest says, "are you gonna put that on your blog?"

  3. That's funny! I have NEVER won one of those things.