Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dad's Re tard

This last week my dad is officially retired. His announcement is that he is re tard. So what better way than to take a couple of his grand kids down memory lane. My dad's first retirement was from the 45th infantry. Lucky for us we have a whole museum here dedicated to them. Honestly I wanted to make sure my kids had a way to put history into reality. It was fun listening to my dad tell them some stories about the different pieces of memorabilia that was on display and how it was used or wasn't used according to regulation specifications. It was interesting how he was (not so much) complaining about how the equipment outside was being painted black. It is supposed to be army green. Without him saying this I remember many times visiting my daddy at work and climbing on all the green trucks. Of course back then I was probably as tall as some of the tires. I remember trying to use the treads for steps. I think the young men that were doing the painting were actually listening to my dad tell some of his stories. Even if they weren't I have to give them credit for being respectful and kind. The following are pics of the kids and him at different things that he actually worked on while they were in service.

Now dad never did any work on the planes but these pics were just for fun.

As you may have read in my previous post that we have started kayaking. My son was complaining that his arm was hurting to much so you can see the posts all to well. I think the picture is deserving if for no other reason than the complaining.

This is one I really liked. My dad has always had a fascination with weapons. What better way to show that then him explaining the displays to my son. Aren't Grandpa's the best.

These next two pics are for those of you military types that understand it because I don't. They are the flags from two of the units my dad was in.

By the time we made it to the patches display dad was getting a little silly with me taking so many pictures. But just as any good grandpa would do he obliged (another) for the picture.

Now this is the bonus picture for this blog. My dad likes to skip the highways when possible and so on the way back to my house we stopped here. This is the house that my mom and dad brought me home from the hospital to. The other nice thing about this house is that MY Grandpa built it. After getting home I realized that it was close to 40 years to the day that this picture was taken for the first time. What a hoot. I love you Daddy and Happy Re tard ment!

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