Sunday, July 19, 2009

First ALL Family Kayak

I was beginning to think this day would never come. We finally received the required state paperwork to get the titles and registration on our 3rd and 4th kayaks. After a few trips to the store for stickers and city lake permits we were finally ready. We now have something that is both fun and healthy for our family to do together. DH and I wondered just how much the kids could handle and they did pretty good. The sun was shining and the wind was mild so we headed out to lake Hefner. We were lucky to meet up with some other kayakers. I thought I grabbed a picture with them but after the down load I found that I did not. I think we were out for about an hour and a half. The kids were pretty excited and while we were on the lake they started to come up with different funny names for their boats. We have already decided that they are going to be allowed to personalize them (almost) however they want.

It seems that our daughter took to kayaking like a duck to water. She was paddling circles around the rest of us most of the time. She is pretty excited about it and can not wait until we can go out again.

Look at her go. Is that a wake she is creating behind that boat?

I hope that I get more secure in my skills soon so that there will be more pictures coming in the future. Every time I would attempt to get my camera out I kept envisioning getting dumped. So I would scare myself into keeping it in the dry box. We all know that electronics and water don't mix well.

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