Monday, May 4, 2009

Chocolate Milk

Nesquik chocolate milk.

Store bought premade chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk made with chocolate syrup.

Here's the set up. We are sitting at the table eating breakfast when I make some chocolate milk. You know we've all done it milk, chocolate syrup, stir. That is when it dawned on me. The bubbles on top are white. That got me thinking. Why are the bubbles white? Now comes the experiment. I headed to the store and bought premixed chocolate milk and the good old fashioned Nesquik. When I got home I poured the ready made chocolate milk. The bubbles were brown. I know in the picture there is only a few left but they popped faster than I could click my camera. Now for the next one. One of my childhood favorites Nestquik. Once again this one suprised me the bubbles were brown. I expected them to be white but they were brown. Now I'm no expert scientist or anything but this is a good question to ponder.

What makes the bubbles white or brown? Hmmmmm

Now on to my personal side notes. Since I had these three glasses of chocolate milk I got the chance to taste test them side by side. I even surprised my self again. My favorite is the Nesquik chocolate milk. Just when you think you've grown up. The other benefit to the Nesquik is I can sneak a quick spoon full when no one is looking. YUMMMMMM! Second is the store bought chocolate milk and all its creamy goodness. Third place was the milk with chocolate syrup. This surprised me as well because I thought I was living it up using the syrup but it was a little blandish compared to the others. So I guess today is a good day. I learned something new.

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