Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Last Dance - Maybe

This is my beautiful little girl and her friend just moments before what will probably be her last dance recital last Saturday. I wish I was a better mom about taking pictures but I tend to get so wrapped up in the moment that I don't get enough snap shots for the scrap book. This is probably my favorite dance costume she has worn to date. I was so proud watching her. She has really grown as a dancer and shows a lot of maturity in her dance. I can not believe it has been six years since her first recital. The time is going so fast.

Here she is in her last ballet dress. While I think she is beautiful I think that this neck line may be just a little older than I want to admit that she is. I think I am going to have a little trouble letting her grow up.

Remember how I said I get to caught up in the moment. I did not get one picture of her in her tap costume. Some of that has to go with the fact that it was pretty simple. A blue sequined vest with hot pink neckline, black pants, tan shoes and then this hot pink boa feather thing on top of her bun. While I was not to impressed with the costume the dance was terrific. The girls did such a good job at keeping in step. I do believe it was probably her most difficult number this year.

There she is in her last Hip Hop out fit. The group was so cute. They were all in black, yellow, or white and it was all mixed up. No one was wearing the same thing as any one else. My daughter complained about the music it was "Together Forever" from "High School Musical." They still did a great job.

As anyone who knows me knows how I liked to complain when it came to recital time each year. Secretly though I actually really enjoyed it. Planning out how we were going to get to where we needed to be. Figuring out just how I was going to get something nutritious for her to eat when all she wanted was the abundant junk food while we were on the mad run from place A to place B. Arguing with her while we were putting her make up on. She wanted more and I wanted less (don't figure). Even when she was little and they insisted that all little girls hair MUST be in curls. My daughter's hair is as strait as a board. I don't think there was a single recital that I did not end up teary eyed and full of pride. I have sincerely enjoyed seeing the accomplishment in my daughters eyes as she would come off stage. The true beauty she exudes. She is such an amazing girl. I am going to miss this.

While it breaks my heart that we are closing this chapter can still be the beginning of another. She has a true desire and interest in music so we will start exploring that journey soon.

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