Saturday, May 2, 2009

Some of the best things in life are free.

Free Ice Cream with Omi, YUMMM!!!

Free Onion Fried Burgers, YUMMM!!!

The day started off rainy and dull. The perfect day for curling up in a cozy blanket and sleeping the day away.

Then there was this urge. I've been reading to many blogs I suppose so I've decided we just haven't done enough of the "fun stuff" as a family. I made the decision to try and do something/anything that may be Oklahomanie (like that word mom) at least once a month with the whole family. Now this is where last nights 10pm news comes in. They ran a short story about how this is the weekend for El Reno's Onion Fried Burger Festival. It was a small town event, about 15 or so miles away, and since it was rainy and drab I figured the crowd wouldn't be to bad, as well as the best part it is free. This just fit the bill. So after much persuasion on my part I managed to convince my entire family to go.

This was perfect for us from begining to end. We were able to park about a block away. Lucky us the closest point of entry just happened to be at the carnival rides. Oh, but look they had a 100lb wieght limit. Darn, our kiddo's just recently passed that mark. I didn't have to be the bad parent and say no. Just explained that they were simply to big. Then we were close to where they were cooking the bohemeth size burger I think I heard someone say that it was going to weigh 750lbs when it was done. As a crowd pleaser/teaser they were hosting an eating contest and just as we walked up it was the 10 and under catagory. They had four contestants 2 girls and 2 boys. This is what I really enjoyed. The girls were only able to eat 1 1/2 burger each in the aloted time. Don't remember what one of the boys ate but the winner ate 4 1/2 burgers. That was the bun, onions, pickles, mustard and beef. When they announced how much he consumed I was thinking to my self man I'm glad I'm not his mom. I can just imagine his after school hunger mood. After this we watched them working on the big burger a bit and then started wondering around. Ofcourse our kiddos talked us into a funnel cake. We managed to make it over to the big burger just intime for them to start cutting it up and passing it out to the crowd. For a free burger it was just quiet tasty. Before we left we looked at some displayed cars. It was fun to learn that my son likes the old muscle cars. I never knew that about him. Then to much of his suprise two of them were cars that I have previously owned (back before kids). My daughter really like suprise of all suprises (NOT) the Corvet's. Overall this little festival was just right. Took just enough time to fill an afternoon and didn't cost an arm and leg to attend as a family.

I don't think we had been home but about an hour when I recieved a call from my mother in law. She told us that Braum's was giving way single dip cones to kids for "Free" until 6pm. By this time hubby had laid down for a nap. I told the kids and I think they ran to the van. We had a great time visiting with thier Omi and eating ice cream.

This turned out to be one of the best gloomy dull days ever and the memories are Free!

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