Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two for Two by 2

The first half of this "Two for Two" deal relates to lunch. This year I made a deal with my kids you reach this certain goal at school each nine weeks and then I will take you out to lunch. Bless their hearts they are achieving this goal now. First it was my daughter whom I took to lunch yesterday. I picked her up and we headed to her favorite fast food place. We place our order and then to my horror my bank card was denied. "What!" I just made a deposit the day before. No way was this possible. Then to make me stress more my kids only get 20 minutes for lunch and then 20 minutes for recess. So time was of the essence. Luckily said fast food joint was across the street from a branch of my bank. So we went through the bank drive through for a quick cash withdraw and then back the the fast food drive through. This really stunk because I believe part of the reward is the one on one time my kid gets with me during said lunch. I apologized to my daughter over and over as she was now left to cram her lunch down while I drove back to school. Some reward she got to sit in the car and listen to her mom go insane. Turns out that there had been some sort of security breech at my bank. While they had reissued me a new card I had not had time to activate it. This was explained to me after I had dropped my daughter back off at school by another branch of my bank. To make it worse for me I still had a few errands to run and I needed my card but since it was just activated by the branch it meant that it would be another 24 hours until I could use it. Which meant I had to go back to using checks at the stores. UGH! Now for the second child's reward lunch we went to his favorite fast food place. This time I was prepared with cash in hand in case the new card didn't work. We get there and I could barely find a parking spot. Went inside and had to wait in a pretty short line to place our order. Then we sat down to wait for our number to be called 4182. That is all I wanted to hear was 4182. We sat drinking our soda's and making small talk. Then we kept waiting and waiting and waiting. This was supposed to be FAST FOOD! I kid you not 20 minutes later and they were only at 4179! OMG! My son kept saying he was hungry and bless his heart I wasn't going to let this be a waist. Remember he only gets 20 minutes for lunch followed by 20 minutes of recess. Finally we get our food and he has less than 10 minutes to eat and get back to the school and about 7 minutes of that needs to be driving time. He agrees to eat just the chicken strips and one serving of his favorite mashed potatoes and agreed to save the rest for his after school snack. So now I am two for two on reward meals that turned into chaos for my kiddo's. Maybe I should rethink this reward.

Now for the "by 2." Recently I had loaned a close friend Beth (not her real name) one of my husbands rather pricey tools. When it was returned it had been damaged. What really stunk is that it would not have been a big deal if Beth had just said something when she returned it. After all she is a friend and friends forgive friends because accidents happen. But when we did not know about it until we went to use said tool for ourselves and made the discovery. The part that really stunk both figuratively and literally was that by this time it was after normal working hours and now we were left in a stinky situation for about 48 hours until our problem could be taken care of. This could have been avoided if Beth had just said something. Now for the other half. I had asked friend Tom (not his real name) loan me something to help Beth out in a pinch. I put my name on the line so to speak. I recievd the items in question back 2 days ago to return to Tom when I realized that 2 major pieces of what I had loaned Beth were missing. I am so disappointed. While Tom knew what I was doing I still feel guilty that Beth has let me down again. Now I am off to Tom's to return what I can and tell him the rest. I just hope he doesn't get too disappointed with me. Because I think that Tom is a good friend who has been there for me several times.

So some things in life just suck 2 for 2 by 2!

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