Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My September Distraction

This is my cousins BEAUTIFUL little girl. Unfortunately for me she lives on one of the coasts which is nowhere near Oklahoma. I am so green with envy of the different family members that have been able to meet her already. It looks like it will be next summer before I can get to meet her. That is OK because by then she will probably be walking/running and giving her mommy some of her paybacks for her raisin. When her mom told me she was pregnant it made my heart sing. Her mommy needed her in her life more than she ever knew. I think she did her daddy some good as well. While they were visiting Oklahoma while my cousin was pregnant he was so attentive. Aren't new daddies to be so cute.

Anyway in September there were two different family members going to meet this little beauty at different times. I had been working on this needle point project since March and was near completed so I used this as crunch time trying to finish. I really did not want to trust the postal system with something that I had worked so hard on. So the next best thing was for someone to hand carry it with them (not check it in with their luggage at the airport). I missed sending it with the first person by just a few hours of work. So I was lucky enough to send it with our beauty's grandma on her visit.

This is the three generation pic. Sorry I was not able to rotate the picture. Chalk it up to my techno tardness.

This is one of my favorite Grandma pics.

These are just because she is just so dag gum CUTE!

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