Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oklahoma History

Back before school started we took time as a family to visit the Oklahoma History Museum. What a treat this turned into. Earlier in the spring I had visited for a brief few minutes with my son on a school field trip. It seemed the school was more interested in the state capital than the museum and what a loss it was to these kids. I decided this was going to be something we did as a family before the school year started back. I am actually disappointed in myself as a mom for not bringing the kids here sooner.

We spent several hours goofing around and learning more about our Oklahoma heritage. It seemed so strange to see things from my childhood, teen and young adult years in a museum.

Given that my daughter has her heart set on being a "rock star" it was very fitting that the temporary display was featuring Oklahoma musicians.

I loved this next picture it looks like they are gazing into each others eyes. Look out Hanson my little girl could be your opening act one day!

It seems the Rock n Roll bug was contagious in the family.

It lead to this performance. Maybe it was a good thing it was not too busy.

Now for the warnings. When the daddy is eyeing this ...

Things like this can and often do happen.

What a wonderful time we had. I would have never guessed that we would have enjoyed ourselves so much.

Seeing that I am behind on blogging the last couple of months I am sure there will be a few more of these "catch up" blogs.

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