Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Here is the scene. I am sitting at home getting things back together after our previous vacation when the phone rings. It is my friend in and from a small town and she is telling me how her husband has been watching this tweet thing about droidlanding. She tells me how her husband has been watching this very closely and was disappointed that it was due to land while they were at an even farther away small town Dr. appointment. He said it would be great that if he couldn't win it if one of his friends could. Given that my husband is chomping at the bit to get a droid, since I got mine, made for a green light. I quickly loaded the kids up and off we went on the BEST scavenger hunt ever! The hint my friend told me she knew was that it was near the "Cowboy Hall of Fame." Well now it is called the Western Heritage Museum but we figured close enough. My kids and I sat in that parking lot from about 11:30 until 2:30 which is when I quickly dropped them off at home. I returned to wait some more for the tweet saying that the Droid X had landed in OKC. Finally around 4:30 or so the parking lot was emptying out and I was afraid I might be locked in so I went over and waited by the zoo. I had just given up on the tweet and was starting to pull out of the parking lot when it finally came. The tweet said "The Droid X landed in Bricktown and the coordinates would be posted in 30 minutes. Oh my goodness. I started to shake and thought this is it the race is on! I managed to get into bricktown and parked in 15 minutes during rush hour. I guess I can thank my momma's driving habits that I was able to do that. Well to me the most famous and biggest thing in Bricktown is the base ball stadium. So that is where I went. Now keep in mind the hint about the "history" and "cowboys". In front of the stadium is a row of all of these historical base ball people's busts. I thought it must be there so I was all over those busts looking, no phone. Then I was all over the Mickey Mantle statue still no phone. Then I proceeded to look all over any magazine stand, ashtray or anything else that was in the vicinity, drats no phone. Then the final tweet came with the coordinates. Because I am technologically challenged I chose to use my GPS as well as my phone to try and get to the final location. Once the coordinates were put into my GPS the final stage was only .59 miles away. Now I know that I am not in shape but come on a FREE Droid X phone was quite the motivation and we are talking traffic! I actually ran! Pretty unbelievable huh. I kept thinking they said it was in Bricktown so I decided to follow the river to see if I could make it there. Well once I made it to the back of the Bass Pro parking lot my ankles and legs were giving out. I kept saying to my self I can do this, I can do this, I can do this. It helped that at this point is when I saw two much more fit than me men literally running to the end. OH CRAP! They are going to beat me. That gave just enough motivation to keep going. Well I made it to the end of the canal and at this point I was in danger. I was not prepared for this. I was wearing flimsy sandals, hadn't really eaten, didn't have any water with me and who are we kidding here I had been running. I have no idea when the last time I ran was, I DON'T run. Lucky for me there were two security people at the end where the boats make their U turn they helped me talk the boat captain into giving me a ride back to where you pay for the ride (half a twisting mile away). I am so great full otherwise the OKCPD would have had my death on their hands. Once I got off the water taxi I made my way up to to ticket booth and gladly paid my $8.50 for the life saving ride. At this point I decided I was going to make it to the final location regardless. I made my way back to my car and drove to the final where I only had to walk about 150 feet. THANK GOD! I made it and sure enough it was one of the men I had been running against that won the Droid X. I did however make it in time for a consolation prize of a $20 gift card and BONUS I AM ALIVE! Besides now I can say I have held the Droid X before it has been released. While I am disappointed that I didn't win the Droid X it is still an adventure that I would never expected this girl to do.

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