Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Road Trip 2010 - Day 6

Images like these with moss covering the trees will always remind me of the south more specifically Georgia. This was one of only two stops where we stayed more than one night.

Our first adventure for the day was heading to St. Simons Lighthouse. It is on Simons Island which is one of the many barrier islands for Georgia. I believe this was a first time for all of our family to go in a light house.

Yes, kids that is 129 spiral steps up to the top and we are going! The other thing this picture shows is just how thick the base of the wall is to the lighthouse.

Every one of those steps were worth it. If you look closely you can see THREE dolphin dorsal fins in this picture. I have never seen so many dolphins in the wild in my life. What an experience.

After we made it back down to the ground the kids had started climbing and inspecting a cannon. Wait a cannon, boy get your head out of there. I am sure his sister would have shot it off if she could.

Next we found these stairs that lead strait into the Atlantic ocean. Why I am not sure but this was our first chance to get our toes wet in the ocean on our trip. We probably had a little too much fun on these stairs.

For our next stop we headed over to Jekyll Island which was pretty close to Simons. There we visited the Georgia Sea Turtle Rescue. What a treat! The little turtle below was named Amy and she was just begging to be photographed. She was in the educational side of the building. This is also where they have a treatment room with a glass wall so you can watch as they give medical care to the rescued sea turtles.

Just so you don't think they only help the little ones this next picture is of Erika and she was huge! She was being kept in the medical side. The Rescue's main goal is to get these sea turtles healthy and then release them back in the wild.

Our next stop was still on Jekyll Island and it was mainly for the kids. We stopped at a water park called Summer Waves. It was your typical water park with kiddie area, slides, lazy river, wave pool and what not. The best part for mom and dad was that after 3pm it was only about $10 each to get in. The kids had a great time even though my daughter is now swearing off on ever getting on a water slide again. We will see about that.

Next, BEACH! Given that we were already on an island we didn't have to go far to find one. I just loved the board walk path here. So pretty.

This was the first time my kids had been to the ocean in 6 years. I know they have been in wave pools but that really doesn't compare.

Of course they played in the sand as well. My son couldn't wait to try and start building a sand castle. He is going into middle school and he still can play like a kid. That makes this momma happy.

After our long and stressful (not) day we headed back to our hotel. The kids got one last treat, Dip n Dots. I think that finished it for them they were in paradise!

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