Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Road Trip 2010 - Day 5

We started day 5 by heading into South Carolina. The main goal here was to grab a couple of caches so that I can say "Been there done that." Then we headed back to Savannah, Georgia.

Our next stop I could hardly contain myself. Does the saying "everything is better with butter" give you a hint. We went to Paula Deen's Lady and Son's restaurant. Hehe I felt like a kid in the candy store. We made it in time for their lunch seating. We were there by 11:15 and we were not able to be seated until 2:30! They don't take reservations until you show up to get your name on the list. That was a long wait but oh so worth it.

We spent our 3 hours of waiting walking around historic Savannah. Playing the role of tourist.

We walked along the boardwalk on the cobblestone road. Let me tell you I have a new respect for our earlier ancestors. I was in somewhat comfy shoes and I had difficulty. I can only imagine back in the day when this was a "good" road. I had to watch every step for fear of twisting my ankle.

Let me tell you for this girl the 3 hour wait was so worth it. When we were seated we were taken to the third floor of the restaurant. Oh my, I have never been to a restaurant that serves on three floors before. Each place setting had a large doily. How fun.

We were handed menus so that a decision could be made. It didn't take long to figure out that we couldn't decide on just one item each. Paula was already prepared for that. They also have a buffet. I really was wanting to order off the menu but when I looked at the buffet they had several of the things that we were wanting to try. So we all ended up with the buffet. I can now say that I have had the BEST mashed potatoes in this universe! They were to die for. Now normally I am not a big macaroni and cheese fan but let me tell you. I could live on her macaroni and cheese. The funny part about this is on my first time through the line I only got about one or two bites of each of these because I wanted to try some of everything. Then on my second plate it was all mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, baby. I was in heaven looking at the pearly gates.

When you order the buffet it also comes with one dessert. We had three to choose from.

Three of us chose the Chocolate Gooey Butter Cakes and one chose the banana pudding. My thoughts how can you eat at Paula Deen's and not have something with the word gooey in it. Guess which one I had. They were both yummy. We even had a window that we could look out next to our table and this was the view.

Now normally I wouldn't include this and my family is making fun of me about the following picture. Just let me explain. I choose to believe that Paula must have had her hand even on the design of the bathrooms.

A couple of things to notice. One there is a rug by the toilet. Have you ever seen one in a public bathroom before. Two the toilet paper is on its own little stand. Do you hear the angels singing. I have personally come to the conclusion that men don't get it and that they are the ones that install those industrial monster size toilet paper dispensers. I am sorry but when one of those is installed at the same level as the toilet and you are in a cramped stall a lady just can not take care of business properly. So along with everything else that I adored about this restaurant the bathroom gets EXTRA star ratings from this gal. Thank you Paula.

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