Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Road Trip 2010 - Day 4

Day 4 of our vacation started out extremely early. I think we all woke up about 4am and decided to just get the day going. We managed to find the worst hotel of our entire trip and I don't think any of us rested well. I guess when you travel that is the chance you take. Anyway the day started by us making our way to Georgia. As I said we started the day early so the sun was just starting to come out and this is the best we could get from the Welcome to Georgia Center. What says Georgia more than a big giant neon peach.

We visited "The World of Coke" at the Olympic Park in Atlanta. This was such a fun stop. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. They did this place right. If you can just imagine a Disney experience done by Coke you probably can imagine this. The staff are just as bubbly and friendly as at Disney but they are excited about Coke. This took a bit for me to get used to. We really did have a good time.

We were lucky enough to get in on one of the last few days of the FIFA World Cup display. I had no idea there was a FIFA mascot but of course there was and of course we were able to purchase the cheesy picture taken with said mascot. That is a picture that will stay in the sanctity of our home.

There was more Coke memorabilia than you could shake a stick at. I guess the hubby got a new girlfriend while we were there.

They had all of these large Coke bottles decorated. They were gorgeous! I guess they do these all the time for special occasions and what not. The amount of detailing in some of them was just breath taking.

They had more to offer and see. There was a movie room where you sit in what appear to be regular movie theater seats but these are like the ones that rival any theme park. They move and vibrate and mist you through out the ride/movie. There was another theater that was showing past Coke commercials as well as ones from other countries. They had an art gallery as well. There is also a small working botteling facility where you are guided through the entire process. I can honestly say that I have been schooled at The World of Coke.

The best and probably favorite part of the experience is the sampling room. They have I guess about 8 different stations with soda fountain dispensers containing Coke products from all around the world. Of course they offer our normal American Coke options but what fun is that when you can sample as many or as few as much or as little as you want of the foreign varieties.. Some were definitely not my thing but then there were these which were a few of my favorites.

I think I may have drank more soda that day than in the last six months combined. Several restroom stops later we made our way to another hotel for the night. Where we had some much needed rest in a nice clean, quiet and safer hotel.

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