Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Road Trip 2010 - Day 10

This image. This is the image I want to remember the most from our vacation. We woke up early this morning so that we could arrive on Sanibel Island as the sun was rising. Walking on the beach and exploring what the Gulf waters have to offer. Sanibel is one of our nations national natural treasures. The deposits of shells seem to be never ending. Given that the heat always gets to my son I knew the only way we would all enjoy this was as the sun rose and I was not disappointed.

The kids each completely filled their buckets. One thing that my son was quick to point out is that the beach here isn't as soft as the others we had been to. He also realized that it is because there are so many more shells here than were on all of the other beaches we visited combined.

While walking along the water I spotted this. A horse shoe crab coming in, in the surf.

I don't think the kids had ever seen one and even if they had never where they could touch it. Unfortunately it was no longer living but what a neat thing for these Okies to get to experience.

Sanibel has a lighthouse as well. This was our second lighthouse on this road trip.

After finishing our morning beach walk we went to the J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

This was the closest we have been able to get to the mangroves. I can not help but wonder how the early settlers must have struggled to navigate these. The root systems are so intense.

This Blue Huron (I think and very well could be wrong) really did let us get this close. My daughter was just inches away when it finally decided to take off.

Our next stop was for a snack. I never realized just how fun ice cream cones could be. The heat and humidity were high so the cones were melting at a time warped speed. Can you guess who made the biggest mess.

Dad, he had the ice cream all the way down his hands and arm. The laughter that was brought on by the melting ice cream will be unforgetable.

Next we headed back into Fort Meyers. I had also been really looking forward to taking the kids to the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Winter Estates Museum. By this time in the day we were more than ready for an air conditioned experience. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures inside because we were to busy doing our self guided tour. While the kids did enjoy it I am not so sure they realized just how much these two gentlemen have contributed to our modern day comforts. Maybe we will get lucky and when they study about them in school they will remember seeing some of this stuff first hand.

I did manage to get a picture of the banyan tree that was outside the museum. The kids were amazed that this was just one tree. I didn't even get the whole thing in the picture it is quite large. I was not so impressed to learn that the local birds really enjoy the fruit from said banyan tree. I didn't even know the banyan tree produced a fig like fruit. The local feathered friends left us that lesson on our car.

This day was so worth the extra drive and time on the trip. I think all of us have the memories of a life time from it.


  1. I enjoyed your pictures. You are right in thinking that the kids will remember the things they saw, when it comes up in school. Some of my fondest memories are adventures, like this, that I had with my parents.We learn so much more than we realize from travel. I'm glad you had time to gather seashells from Sanibel. :)

  2. Very Nice, I agree that your kids will remember what they saw when the studies come up in school and most of all they will remember what fun they had and these memories will last a lifetime.

    The ice cream went fast but the laughter will remain, Thank You for sharing.